Easter Sweets

I took several pictures over the Easter weekend. From egg hunts, to Easter dresses, to the Easter Vigil, I captured some nice Easter-y images. But these three are just so sweet. The picture of the girls hugging (or actually Lucy hugging Sophie) makes me smile because of the look on Lucy's face. It's especially sweet to me b/c Lucy has beat up her sister a lot this past week, so it's nice to see a shot like this. The second photo of Sophie just checking out life and green things and such is also super sweet. She is such a sweetheart of a girl--and I like how she stops to take in life and smell the flowers. The third picture makes me think that Yay, Spring is coming even though this month's weather has been more February then Spring. The little petals are sweet and sturdy standing up to the cold and the wind. Here's to all the sweet moments in your life and also to hoping that the sweet sun makes an appearance SOON!


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