Baby, It's Cold Outside

We took a little trip to the zoo yesterday afternoon in sub zero temperatures. At least, it felt like it was sub zero. :) We, along with a thousand school kids were forced to do several indoor exhibits. Gina came up with the brilliant idea of taking the girls to the Imax movie, Born to be Wild. This was the girls' first movie experience (well, Lucy did go see Over the Hedge in the theater when she was an infant...Gina and I needed a child to get in b/c it was us who really wanted to see the movie..and it was a pretty funny movie!). ANYHOW, the girls loved it, chowed on popcorn and narrated the movie along with Morgan Freeman (to the dismay of those around us): look, baby elephants, I wonder if my classmate thought this part was funny, I smell licorice! All in all, a chilly, crowd-filled but fun day!

P.S. I know post a lot of pics of my nieces here. Maybe I should have called this The Lucy and Sophie Blog. Well, a) they are adorable and b) I'm their aunt, it's my duty to photograph their entire lives. (or at least I tell myself it is, ha!) worries though. I have a few photo sessions lined up, so new faces will be appearing in the next month. If you are interested in setting up a photo session, contact me at for details!