Fall Sessions

We had such a great fall weather wise, that I was able to spend a lot of time doing sessions with wonderful peeps! Enjoy a sneak peek!

This little guy was on.the.go. Constantly. And he was so happy. And could his Mama be any more beautiful?!?!

This little gal is super, duper cute and a very sweet little girl. We just wandered around and she patiently waited while I snapped away. So cute!

 Love is in the air...check out these darling couples. At both sessions, we had too much fun...lots of laughter and you can see how happy both couples are!

 And then there was Geoff. He was having too much fun to concentrate on looking at or near the camera. At one point, his whole family was encouraging him to look at the camera, and so he finally obliged. This wasn't planned at all, it just happened and it might be one of my all time favorite family photos.

 These boys crack me up....check out the sequence of jump photos. Timing is everything. :)

These brothers were super sweet and I loved that they brought their dog along. So much fun!