I have mentioned many, many times before that I got my love of photography from my Dad. I finally made him dig out his trusty old 35mm camera so I could play with it. It's a Pentax K1000. I did some research on this camera and it is AWESOME. It's still highly regarded and can be purchased on ebay and used camera sites for a reasonable price. In fact, this camera was the go-to camera for students learning photography in high school and college. My Dad purchased his in the late 70's and it's still in fabulous condition. I purchased some basic film online and went to town. I had so much fun and learned so much just shooting the first roll.

Things I learned shooting with film:
1. I needed help loading the film. It can be a bit tricky!

2. I found myself looking at the back of the camera after taking a photo.

3. This camera is a work of's just beautiful.

4. When taking photos, I spent quite a bit of time composing the photo. Not that you can always tell, but I wasn't wasting more then one shot on something. It had to be just right! Film forces you to slow down and think about it. I really enjoyed doing that.

5. Since I didn't want to waste the film,  I had the film in my camera for weeks and weeks. I loved the idea of being surprised when I got my film back thinking, I totally forgot I took this shot. I was a bit worried that I didn't know what I was doing, so I practiced on my favorite subjects: the nieces and the sky!

6. It took 3 days to get my film developed here in town. I was so excited, because the whole process was an authentic film process.

7. I didn't get a cd of the photos, and next time, I will. Besides my scanner glass being a bit spotty/dirty (ahem), my scanner is not top of the line, and my scanned photos are a bit more fuzzier then I would like. Don't get me wrong, I love the film look of film (oh, that makes sense) but the real photo in my hand looks so much better then the scanned one.

8. It was so much harder and so much easier shooting with the Pentax rather then my Nikon. I loved the experience.

I can't wait to share my film shots with you as I go along. I really look forward to learning photography on all types of cameras. I'm also beyond thrilled that I have the chance to use the same camera my Dad did.

A few of my faves from my first roll of film shot in the Pentax K1000.